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Yangtze Communications’ Poverty Alleviation Team Investigated Lianyu Village

Number of visits: Date:2013-02-16 08:35

In the morning of November 9, the personnel including Huang Xiaosheng, chairman of Board of Directors, Wang Jinqiao, head of Administration Department, and others went to investigate Lianyu Village in Xinzhou District, a place of one-to-one assistance of Yangtze Communications.

In Lianyu Village, Chairman Huang, Ding Fang, a member of CCP Sub-committee of Statistics Bureau of Wuhan Municipality and the leader of Discipline Inspection Commission, et. al., accompanied by deputy director Chen of Office of Pantang Sub-district and secretary He of Lianyu Village, visited the health center, cable television, public toilet, pond, agro-ecological garden chicken farm and other facilities of the village. After witnessing the villagers’ great changes in material life and spiritual life, Mr. Huang felt very glad and thought that the villagers indeed benefited from the one-to-one assistance work.


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